Detail of quotation by Gandi .  Gold and metal leaves , gouache and trocol bronze powder.

Detail of quotation by Gandhi .
Gold and metal leaf, gouache and trocol bronze powder.

I am pleased to announce that an exhibition of my work has just been set up and will be on show from tomorrow, 12th July , in North London , N2. I am participating in the  East Finchley Open  which takes place over two weekends

This annual event invites the public to visit  “open houses” in the area to view work by members of EFO , a group of  local artists and crafts people . It is a wonderful way to engage and inform the public, spend time with other exhibitors and have the opportunity to sell originals, cards and prints.

D H Lawrence quotation

D H Lawrence quotation (before gilding)

I have been working  on new designs , such as the detail shown here , and developing some pieces that had their origins at my V&A studio . It has been really rewarding  having time to revisit and build on this work.

Metalwork features too (another V&A influence) , with framed brass plate etchings and lettering designs transformed into small iron work sculptures by blacksmith Agnes Jones .

More images to follow of the venue and my work .